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Jesus Cea jcea at argo.es
Mon Jan 16 16:21:58 CST 2006

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Trejkaz wrote:
> I think you meant the singular there.  I'm pretty sure that having to register 
> with one more server is no big deal to most IM users.  Hell, I'm on about 
> four myself.  And all those people from the past generation are on at least 
> four even before joining Jabber. ;-)

Trejkaz, I agree that the idea is sounding and "killer app". When I
first read about pubsub JEP, a lot of time ago, I was happy since pubsub
paradigm is my "way of life" since long ago. I'm using LINDA paradigm
for my services in my internal LAN. LINDA is all about publish & subscribe.

Then I could lecture you about my experience, fault tolerance,
replication and high availability, all automatic thanks to pubsub
paradigm, in my LAN. You could agree that my way is the "right" way.
But, for 99.9999% users in Internet, my work simply doesn't exist.

So, yes, pubsub in jabber is our killer app. Yes, there exists already
services like weather report and pubsub.com which let us to dream about
the technology. But we need that those services (or something like them)
become mainstream.

For example, I would like to receive my RSS updates via XMPP using
something like MIMIR but really "pubsub'ed". but for my 300 roster
friends, they simply doesn't know the options.

> I think you misread that article.  It said that 12% of users know what RSS is, 
> but only 4% know _and_ use it.  And BTW, they only surveyed Yahoo users, not 
> "Internet users" in general.

I don't think slashdot is a wisdom fountain, trust me. I just read the
article today.

> Think about it for a second: If you saw a Jabber client that could give you 
> news headlines as soon as the story comes out, would you be more impressed if 
> you already knew about RSS, or if you had no idea it existed?

In our environment, People know things because they "expect them" or
because a "power user" teaches them. Those users could probably miss
that small checkbox hidden in that obscure menu in his/her XMPP client :).

Case at point: Today one of my friends (a power user) was migrating from
exodus to tkabber and he told me about losing his roster items. He
didn't know that roster items are server resident, so they are
"portable" to new clients. He simply didn't see any user in his roster
because all the users were offline. What a mess educating him.

Tell to that user to create an account to pubsub.com and to launch
multiple clients at the same time, connected to several service
providers. Good luck :-p

I'm not trying to sound rude or unfair. Excuse me if my words are
- -perhaps- strong. Nothing personal, only business :).

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