[Members] Jabber Software Map

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Mon Jan 16 17:28:57 CST 2006

Jesus Cea wrote:
> Tell to that user to create an account to pubsub.com and to launch
> multiple clients at the same time, connected to several service
> providers. Good luck :-p

I would rather tell them to use a better client, one that can connect to 
multiple servers in the one client (e.g. Psi.)  But I know what you're 
getting at.

If you wanted PubSub RSS streaming in a mainstream client, you would 
probably want a massive panel called "Live News" or similar, and some 
simple way for the user to pick what kind of news to stream in there. 
If the user sees the strings  "PubSub", "RSS" or "Atom" anywhere on 
their screen, the client has probably failed already.


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