[Members] I was wondering...

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Tue Jan 17 16:39:49 CST 2006

Aaron Axelsen wrote:
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> I'm sure alot of people are used to using IRC because it's been around
> for a while, and they don't want to change their ways.  Also, i have
> always felt that the MUC component of jabber has been lacking.  It was
> dormant for quite some time until recently when development picked up
> again.

What about Ejabberd's one?  I thought that was always under fairly 
active development.

Anyway, I'm sure the real reason for using IRC is that requiring the 
user to connect to Jabber might create a Catch-22 if the support request 
is being unable to connect to Jabber.

Another solution to the same problem would be a web support chat 
facility on each site, like LiveAssistant or something even simpler.


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