[Members] Why I did not reapply ...

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Fri Jan 20 04:21:09 CST 2006


I got asked, why I did not reapply for the JSF membership this time. I 
just wanted to tell, that the reason is not, that I am not interested 
anymore in the JSF, but that I just did not manage to get an account on 
the wiki. As always when I thought about it, it did not see Ulrich 
online, to ask him to grant me an account on it.
So the reason I did not reapply is just, that applying for the 
membership using the wiki as a to big barrier for me ;-)
If I manage to get a wiki account until April, you will see my 
application the next time again.

So for now I sadly have to say bye ...


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