[Members] Why I did not reapply ...

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Fri Jan 20 08:57:34 CST 2006


i would really like to stick to the rules and make, even if it feels 
difficult, no exceptions. I know Matthias is a very valuable member, i 
do know him personally and i like him - so, it's clearly nothing 
personal that i closed the application period in harmony with the bylaws 
after fourteen days. [Well, the official call for votings will be sent 
out this weekend.]

We have had a discussion on the members mailing list about applying and 
the wiki already. In this discussion we agreed, that of course i do 
accept written permissions by mail and i will of course add them to the 
wiki, but i haven't received any written application.

I took the time to ask Matthias why he didn't reapply. I asked aleksey 
as well, and aleksey clearly said that he simply forgot to reapply and 
that it's no problem, i do not need to reopen the period, he will 
reapply next quarter. And because the moment was so well, i have setup a 
wiki account for him during the chat.

And it's not that i wasn't online, i have been online very often and 
three others have pinged me while i have been offline, so that i have 
not been offline is really no argument, we have an offline storage for 
the messages.

Inline with the bylaws we would have to do a voting to reopen the 
application period, because it is simply closed. Is this really worth 
the effort ?

Matthias and Aleksey can reapply next quarter and i will remind them 
personally to reapply as i have asked personally why they didn't reapply 
and that's it.


Kevin Smith schrieb:

> On 20 Jan 2006, at 14:03, Ralph Meijer wrote:
>> While this maybe partially true, the application requested to 'ping'
>> Ulrich on Jabber, requiring both parties to be in real time
>> conversation.
> Well, I propose we address this by getting together and inventing a  
> messaging system which allows a user to message another and wait  
> sometime for a reply. Really the system should also allow offline  
> message storage/delivery. :)
>> I suggest just sending the complete application in one step. I suppose
>> reapplications could be sent to this list, which ensures they are  
>> known to
>> be sent in time.
> This is a sensible option for those who choose not to use the wiki  
> but I don't see a requirement to reopen apps...Matthias didn't  
> complete the very first step because he forgot, he can reapply at  
> Easter when I suspect I'll forget to reapply myself. It's  
> unfortunate, but ultimately human error.
> /K

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