[Members] Why I did not reapply ...

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Fri Jan 20 16:52:00 CST 2006

Hi List!

I did not want to create  this discussion I now could read on this list. 
I did not want to blame anybody for being the reason, that I did not 
reapply. I should have been able to ask uls to get a login - and also I 
did read the posting, that he will accept applications by mail as well.

The reason why I did not send uls an offline mail or message to ask for 
an account, was that I tought/think that this has to be done when the 
other party of the conversation is online. It expect, that it's not just 
that I tell uls, that I want to get an account, but that I have to tell 
him things like a login and a password.
Sure ... it's true that I personally do not like to apply for membership 
by a wiki ... but as long as the majority of the JSF preferes to apply 
by a wiki page, it's just a fact, that I have to accept.
So for now I will be some months no member of the JSF and hopefully 
become one after that time again. Sure I will be a bit unhappy to be no 
member for this time, but I guess I will be able to support the Jabber 
community as a non-member as well.

Why I wrote to the list was just, that I wanted to tell, that I did not 
loose interest in Jabber and its community, and to tell, that you can 
expect me to reapply the next time again.

(But if others don't like the application by the wiki either, I would 
really appreciate to use the old system again, that I prefered very much 
over the current system. - Or using an other way not based on a wiki.)

Tot kijk

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