[Members] Why I did not reapply ...

Sebastiaan Deckers cbas at pandion.be
Sat Jan 21 03:37:24 CST 2006

Hello JSF members,

I'm with Matthias and Paul.  I did not reapply this time partly because 
of the clumsy process.

None of us have lost interest in the JSF.  On the contrary!  I don't 
think it's apathy but perhaps complacency.

Some suggestions for future membership applications:
- Would it really be that bad to allow open registration on the wiki 
during the application period?
- Pre-register the accounts for current JSF members who need to 
re-apply.  Maybe even pre-populate their wikipages or archive the old pages.
- Don't make applicants contact one person in one timezone.  It's too 
easy to forget about it, there are S2S problems, and so on.
- Just because everyone loves Wikipedia and we are open source 
developers doesn't mean we like editing wikis.  What's wrong with 
<message/>, email, HTML, PDF, (Open|MS)Office, ...?
- Don't pass the administrative burden on to the applicant.  Eliminate 
the burden!

I'm a little sad that it came to this.  We're all proud to be JSF 
members and during this hiatus we will continue to be JSF members in 
spirit, continuing on the path to global xmpp domination. :-)

Au revoir


Matthias Wimmer wrote:

> Hi List!
> I did not want to create  this discussion I now could read on this 
> list. I did not want to blame anybody for being the reason, that I did 
> not reapply. I should have been able to ask uls to get a login - and 
> also I did read the posting, that he will accept applications by mail 
> as well.
> The reason why I did not send uls an offline mail or message to ask 
> for an account, was that I tought/think that this has to be done when 
> the other party of the conversation is online. It expect, that it's 
> not just that I tell uls, that I want to get an account, but that I 
> have to tell him things like a login and a password.
> Sure ... it's true that I personally do not like to apply for 
> membership by a wiki ... but as long as the majority of the JSF 
> preferes to apply by a wiki page, it's just a fact, that I have to 
> accept.
> So for now I will be some months no member of the JSF and hopefully 
> become one after that time again. Sure I will be a bit unhappy to be 
> no member for this time, but I guess I will be able to support the 
> Jabber community as a non-member as well.
> Why I wrote to the list was just, that I wanted to tell, that I did 
> not loose interest in Jabber and its community, and to tell, that you 
> can expect me to reapply the next time again.
> (But if others don't like the application by the wiki either, I would 
> really appreciate to use the old system again, that I prefered very 
> much over the current system. - Or using an other way not based on a 
> wiki.)
> Tot kijk
>     Matthias

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