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Lucas Nussbaum lucas at lucas-nussbaum.net
Sat Jan 21 04:23:13 CST 2006

On 21/01/06 at 10:37 +0100, Sebastiaan Deckers wrote:
> Hello JSF members,
> I'm with Matthias and Paul.  I did not reapply this time partly because 
> of the clumsy process.
> None of us have lost interest in the JSF.  On the contrary!  I don't 
> think it's apathy but perhaps complacency.
> Some suggestions for future membership applications:
> - Would it really be that bad to allow open registration on the wiki 
> during the application period?
> - Pre-register the accounts for current JSF members who need to 
> re-apply.  Maybe even pre-populate their wikipages or archive the old pages.
> - Don't make applicants contact one person in one timezone.  It's too 
> easy to forget about it, there are S2S problems, and so on.

As it was already said, offline messages do work. I notified sbody of the
application on the 14th, and he was able to get an account and write his
page before the deadline. I don't see any problem here. If you had
problems with the process, I think they should have been raised at the
beginning of the application period, not after it was closed.

> - Just because everyone loves Wikipedia and we are open source 
> developers doesn't mean we like editing wikis.  What's wrong with 
> <message/>, email, HTML, PDF, (Open|MS)Office, ...?

Wiki seems perfect to me. If we start accepting applications written
with MS Word, what about the JEPs, where we require an XML format ?

Anyway, since there seem to be a lot of wiki-impaired applicants, I
volunteer to write the wikipages for those who want it during the next
application period. Formats accepted : RST, XHTML, LaTeX, OpenDocument.
Just send me your application at least 5 days before the end of the
application period.

> - Don't pass the administrative burden on to the applicant.  Eliminate 
> the burden!

No. Passing some of the burden to the applicant helps ensuring that the
applicant is sufficiently motivated by joining the JSF. If an
application can't request the creation of a wiki account and write a
wiki page, I'm not sure I'd like to vote for him.
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