[Members] Re: s/JSF/XSF/g

Sean Egan seanegan at google.com
Fri Nov 17 13:23:48 CST 2006

On 11/17/06, Alexander Gnauck <gnauck at ag-software.de> wrote:
> 1.) We have to find a replacement for Jabber Powered
> 2.) It would be a big help for us if the this new brand gets adopted by
> individual developers, commercial companies and also the big players in
> the XMPP market.

Google and Gaim would both be interested. And I would love to help
drum up support elsewhere.

> 3.) In combination with the interopt conferences and testing we can
> certify xmpp compliant software.

It seems like your perspective is focused more on XMPP server and
client software, which is interesting. I'd been thinking primarily
about services (such as Google Talk). In that sense, I'm not too
concerned about software compliance certification (not to say that
that isn't important), but what I have in mind definitely isn't some
"brand" (as you describe it), with a nice badge to put on a webpage a
la "Designed for Windows 95."

Rather than a brand, I'm more interested in having a totally
non-commercial, non-trademarked, lower-cased *name*, where Google Talk
can say "Google Talk is a free $GREATNAME service," and Livejournal
can say "Livejournal offers $GREATNAME," and Meebo can say "Let people
$GREATNAME you from your webpage," and then Gaim can list $GREATNAME
right up there with AIM and Yahoo! and everyone would recognize what
that meant.

I think the issue is recognition. Even my fellow Gaim developers are
getting confused between the whole Jabber vs. XMPP thing.

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