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Daniel Noll daniel at noll.id.au
Sat Nov 18 02:56:44 CST 2006

On Saturday 18 November 2006 06:23, Sean Egan wrote:
> Rather than a brand, I'm more interested in having a totally
> non-commercial, non-trademarked, lower-cased *name*, where Google Talk
> can say "Google Talk is a free $GREATNAME service," and Livejournal
> can say "Livejournal offers $GREATNAME," and Meebo can say "Let people
> $GREATNAME you from your webpage," and then Gaim can list $GREATNAME
> right up there with AIM and Yahoo! and everyone would recognize what
> that meant.

"messaging" / "message"

... fit the first three remarkably well.

The first argument will be "but there is already so-and-so instant messenger."  
(Then again when HTTP was being developed gopher was already a "web.")

> I think the issue is recognition. Even my fellow Gaim developers are
> getting confused between the whole Jabber vs. XMPP thing.

Not entirely surprising.  Originally, I used to imagine that XMPP was the 
underlying messaging/presence protocol and Jabber was the collection of 
enhancements on top of that protocol.  Now that we have XEP I can no longer 
use that notion to distinguish the two so I just think of it as XMPP is the 
protocol and Jabber is what you log into and talk over (the HTTP vs. web 

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