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Daniel Noll daniel at noll.id.au
Sun Nov 19 14:57:15 CST 2006

On Monday 20 November 2006 06:18, Jean-Louis Seguineau wrote:
> A few months ago statistics have been published regarding consumer IM
> community users. These were saying that the Google Talk service only
> amounted to a mere 4 millions downloaded clients. Although I am not
> agreeing with the way these numbers were computed, there was nonetheless a
> definite gap between Google Talk and other incumbent IM users' numbers.

Let's keep in mind that Google's Jabber service also works via Gmail itself, 
such that almost any user logged into Gmail is logged into their Jabber 
service, even if they never downloaded the Google Talk client.

Google also consistently refuse to answer how many users they have. :-)
(But I'm fairly certain it's a lot more than this 4 million who downloaded the 
actual client.)

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