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Daniel Henninger jadestorm at nc.rr.com
Mon Nov 27 10:32:57 CST 2006

On Nov 27, 2006, at 11:17 AM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> I've been thinking about what to do with jabber.org. Not that it's  
> up to
> me -- the jabber.org domain is owned by Jeremie Miller. But I think  
> Jer
> would agree to any reasonable use of the domain as long as it benefits
> the Jabber community.
> I think what I'd like to see is a user-driven community site (probably
> run on Drupal) and related services. Whether that site has any formal
> relationship to the XMPP Software Foundation is an open question. My
> feeling is that it would not, but that the XSF would (at least for the
> time being) host jabber.org on its servers. The jabber.org services
> would be run by an all-volunteer group and would not require a formal
> organization (no, I don't like all this voting and membership stuff  
> any
> more than you do, but it's necessary for the JSF/XSF to maintain its
> legal status).
> I like the name "Jabber Community Forum" for this loose network of
> volunteers. Here's what I think the JCF might offer:
> http://www.jabber.org/ -- a friendly site introducing end users,
> developers, sysadmins, and business people to Jabber technologies

Sounds good.  I don't know a lot about drupal, does it include  
basically wiki and forum type capabilities?

> http://code.jabber.org/ -- a replacement for JabberStudio, running SVN
> and Trac

I must caution you that I've seen a lot of talk of "Trac is terrible,  
we need to move away from it" in a couple of lists, like the Twisted  
list.  See the thread called "trac's reliability" here:

Beyond that, sounds good.

> xmpp:jabber.org -- a public IM server with related components

Same as it is now basically?


> Thoughts?
> Peter
> -- 
> Peter Saint-Andre
> Jabber Software Foundation
> http://www.jabber.org/people/stpeter.shtml

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