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Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
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I'd like to propose a different path for jabber.org. First question --
what community would a new jabber.org serve? I think a major point of
the name change is that our community (as in the JSF) has completely
changed over the past couple of years. Instead of being software
focused, we're now protocol focused. The software communities have
generally long departed jabber.org and now live at the psi website, the
ejabberd website, jivesoftware.org, Google's discussions,  etc. That's
simply the current reality. I also think a major goal of the name change
is to decrease confusion around the Jabber vs XMPP terminology.

A major new jabber.org launch would:

 * Further solidify protocol name confusion when we need to be spending
resources raising awareness around XMPP. Note that the discussion about
a "user-friendly" name for the protocol (the whole "talk" discussion) is
different. I'm talking about awareness by the technical community.
 * Skews the "community" towards a small subset of Open Source projects
that choose to host at code.jabber.org. This doesn't fairly represent
the purely commercial XMPP implementers. I also don't think
code.jabber.org is a necessary resource given the ubiquity of
sourceforge, apache.org, Google's Open Source site, etc, etc. 

As for my argument that much of the old software community has already
left jabber.org, it might be helpful to back that up with stats. 

Community/List          | Messages this month
jadmin (jabber.org)     | 95
jdev (jabber.org)       | 175
juser (jabber.org)      | 13
jivesoftware.org forums | 1,511
psi forums              | 302

Not only that, jdev is really a list that should move to xmpp.org anyway
and be for protocol implementors. In other words, virtually our entire
community at jabber.org these days is around the protocol. I know it
seems hard to "give up" some of what exists on jabber.org right now, but
I don't think there's any reason to milk toast this name change.

My proposal instead is that jabber.org become a one page website that
contains links to all relevant resources such as xmpp.org, software
lists for server admins and end users, etc. Keep it simple and focused
and devote our main efforts to xmpp.org. 


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> I've been thinking about what to do with jabber.org. Not that 
> it's up to me -- the jabber.org domain is owned by Jeremie 
> Miller. But I think Jer would agree to any reasonable use of 
> the domain as long as it benefits the Jabber community.
> I think what I'd like to see is a user-driven community site 
> (probably run on Drupal) and related services. Whether that 
> site has any formal relationship to the XMPP Software 
> Foundation is an open question. My feeling is that it would 
> not, but that the XSF would (at least for the time being) 
> host jabber.org on its servers. The jabber.org services would 
> be run by an all-volunteer group and would not require a 
> formal organization (no, I don't like all this voting and 
> membership stuff any more than you do, but it's necessary for 
> the JSF/XSF to maintain its legal status).
> I like the name "Jabber Community Forum" for this loose 
> network of volunteers. Here's what I think the JCF might offer:
> http://www.jabber.org/ -- a friendly site introducing end 
> users, developers, sysadmins, and business people to Jabber 
> technologies
> http://code.jabber.org/ -- a replacement for JabberStudio, 
> running SVN and Trac
> xmpp:jabber.org -- a public IM server with related components
> Thoughts?
> Peter
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> Peter Saint-Andre
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