[Members] Jabber Community Forum

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Tue Nov 28 05:18:00 CST 2006

> Thoughts?

I can see the use of a Jabber.org site, with introductions and links
to the various projects, some news, ... It would be a good starting
point for everyone. And it should probably be bigger than just one
page :-)

However, I'm with Matt on a few of the other things:
- I don't see the use of putting effort and resources into code.jabber.org.
First of all, project sites like jabberstudio are very confusing, as
the most popular Jabber projects are not even in there, and people
have the idea that they are not 'really jabber projects'. Second of
all, Sourceforge, code.google.com, ... are places where people can go
with their projects, and will always do a *much* better job than we
can ever do. All we need is a good, up-to-date software map with links
to their home, and a Jabber Software Planet announcing all new
releases of software (a la freshmeat). That way, all Jabber projects
are *really* under one umbrella, regardless of their living place.

- I don't really see the new jabber.org site as a community either,
for the reasons mentioned before. Most people choose their Jabber
software, and join that community. A general 'Jabber' community
wouldn't really add any value I think.


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