AW: [Members] voting update #1

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at
Sun Sep 10 09:05:01 CDT 2006

Before you vote for Boad and Council you should first read the Wiki pages
with all applications and make your decicions. Then the order in which
memberbot shows the applicants doesnt matter. This is at least what I am
doing normally. This year we have 8 great applicants for the council which
doesnt make the voting easier this year.

If we decide to rewrite memberbot I propose to use xData. There should be
enough clients today with xData support. A small wizard with Ad-Hoc-Commands
would also be pretty cool.


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> > Solutions, in order of difficulty:
> Out of curiosity, what happens when a person votes on the 
> first 5 candidates ? Will he still get to see the last two 
> candidates (with an error message if he says 'yes'), or will 
> he never know there were more than 5 candidates ? I also 
> think the last candidates don't stand much chance, unless 
> they're called stpeter ;-)
> The easiest fair solution I think would be to present an 
> enumeration of all the candidates with their corresponding 
> application URL, ask the user to enter 5 numbers of the list, 
> present the names of the 5 selected people, and ask for 
> confirmation of the list.
> cheers,
> Remko

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