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Kevin Smith kevin at
Tue Sep 12 16:17:17 CDT 2006

On 12 Sep 2006, at 17:23, Alexander Gnauck wrote:
> If you are with Kevin and say the memberbot voting is biased please  
> let us know. Then we should find another way and vote again. We  
> have enough web programmers here (including myself) to hack a  
> voting script in some minutes. Better to start over now before ist  
> too late.

Please note that I'm not calling for the voting period to be  
restarted with a new bot. I believe the current bot is biased and  
that a replacement could be found, given that it's not too much  
hassle, but not that the entire voting system should be turned on  
it's head at the moment; I was looking for a gradual change to a  
fairer system, certainly not a revolution!

As for the number of people on council thing, I do think that it  
would be helful if the bylaws were to be changed. While PSA believes  
they don't mandate the number of people allowed on council, I think  
they do by association: They currently read that anybody who stands  
and a majority of voters support gets on council (subject to quorum  
of members voting). Note that I'm not asking for the 5 man  
restriction to be lifted, it seems sensible, but at the moment the  
voting process is at odds with the bylaws, if you read them as I did  
(and I appreciate that many people are not doing so), so I think the  
bylaws should be updated. The current state of the bylaws/voting  
confusion has led to a situation in this voting session whereby I and  
Remko, both Psi developers, are standing, as we had been led to  
believe that we were not standing against each other, that if the  
members though us both worthy of council we'd both get in. Instead, I  
envisage a situation whereby people may decide they don't want 2/5 of  
council to be from the Psi team and so only vote for one of us, even  
if they believe us both competent.

Again, I must stress this, I am not complaining about the 5man limit  
to council, I just think it should be better documented, as at the  
moment the documentation can be read to the contrary and I am not  
calling for a revolution over unfair voting practices, I just see  
these as two areas which we as an organisation can improve before the  
next term in 12months time.


Kevin Smith, PhD Student, Computer Science, Exeter University
Psi XMPP client project leader -

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