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Ian Paterson ian.paterson at
Wed Sep 13 05:02:21 CDT 2006

Daniel Noll wrote:
>> Peter, now that 56% of members have voted would it be *simple* for you
>> to just reverse the order of the candidates? I guess that would satisfy
>> everyone for this year.
> This way, people at positions #4 and #5 on the list will get the overall
> advantage since they were in the top five both for the first 56% of voters
> and the remaining 44%.  Who were at #4 and #5 again?  I can't actually
> remember. :-D
LOL! :-)

Thankfully #4 and #5 didn't gain anything from the order reversal, 
otherwise, now that you pointed out the advantage, my subconcious would 
definitely be feeling guilty for having made the suggestion. ;-)

- Ian

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