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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at
Thu Sep 14 12:14:10 CDT 2006

Jesus Cea wrote:
> Matt O'Gorman wrote:
>>> Id have to agree with kevin that it would be biased for the people placed earlier.
> I agree too. Random display order for each voter would solve the issue
> (if the voter count is high enough) but then I would have to believe you
> when you say that the order was actually random :-p
> A couple of years ago I propose a way to voters to verify that his/her
> vote was actually counted (and another to allow anonymous but safe
> voting) but it was shot as "overkill" (in fact, I agree, but crypto
> issues are my passion :-) ).

Well, very few people have or use PGP keys or X.509 certificates (even
the geeky people on this list don't seem to digitally sign their email,
with a few exceptions). Unfortunately, right now y'all have to trust me
to count the votes correctly and to keep them secret. But if you don't
trust me, we have bigger problems. :-)


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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