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Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Sure, that would all be great. If you invent this process, please tell
> the various governments [1] in the U.S.A. about it, too. :-)

You could try the method all we european use: paper votes, counted by a
multiparty "civilian" force. Years ago I was casted as president of my
local voting point (similar procedure to USA jury casting). The voters
assigned to my table were about 600, but only voted about 300-400.
Counting 400 votes takes about 10-15 minutes.

Since all the election day, including the final count, is supervised by
party delegates from every party, and all of them agreed with the final
count and all of them signed the final result, to commit fraud you must
bribe all of them. Remember that every guy was from a different,
competitive party.

All the process, including discussing over some "dubious" votes, takes
maybe 40 minutes.

I don't understand why USA is so proud of the electronic voting,
moreover looking at recent history };-).

Here in Spain we know who wins maybe 2-3 hours at most after the voting
period is closed. You go to bed knowing who is your new president, with
ample time to discuss the subject with your acquitances.

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