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Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> XMPP issue. (Remember those fun days?) However, I'm all in favor of
> making a change to the Bylaws so the the 5-person limit is explicit. But
> it's too late to make that Bylaws change in the next meeting (Sept. 20).
> We could make that change in a special meeting or in the October meeting
> (i.e., when we elect new members, who will start applying October 1).

If any changes are made to the bylaws to make the number of council
members explicit, I suggest that the number be determined each year by
the board of directors and recorded by the secretary. There's no real
need to etch the number into stone.

> we handle authentication? We don't have a database of JSF members to
> auth against, we don't have a way to auth against Jabber accounts on

Please tell me that there's a file somewhere that contains an updated
list of members. It would even be great if it recorded the spans of time
that a person has been a member along with their name, email, and JID.

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