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Fri Sep 15 17:27:18 CDT 2006

Nolan Eakins wrote:
> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>> XMPP issue. (Remember those fun days?) However, I'm all in favor of
>>> making a change to the Bylaws so the the 5-person limit is explicit. But
>>> it's too late to make that Bylaws change in the next meeting (Sept. 20).
>>> We could make that change in a special meeting or in the October meeting
>>> (i.e., when we elect new members, who will start applying October 1).
> If any changes are made to the bylaws to make the number of council
> members explicit, I suggest that the number be determined each year by
> the board of directors and recorded by the secretary. There's no real
> need to etch the number into stone.

The complaint was that the limit is not in the Bylaws, for which the
solution is to add it to the Bylaws. The number Board members is set at
between 3 and 7. We could do something similar with the Council, though
I'd just as soon set it at 5 in the Bylaws and be done with it, since 3
is too few, 4 is even, 6 is even, and 7 is too many. So for October I
will propose that we add the 5-person limit to the Bylaws, and if enough
people second the proposal it will be added to the agenda for the
October meeting, and if enough people vote for it the resolution will
pass. :-)

>>> we handle authentication? We don't have a database of JSF members to
>>> auth against, we don't have a way to auth against Jabber accounts on
> Please tell me that there's a file somewhere that contains an updated
> list of members. It would even be great if it recorded the spans of time
> that a person has been a member along with their name, email, and JID.

That's a bit of a challenge. I have the information through September
2005, but I'll have to contact Ulrich about who voted in the October
2005 and January 2006 elections, since I don't have that information
right now. Ulrich, feel free to send me that directly. :-)


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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