[Members] FOSDEM update

Kevin Smith kevin at kismith.co.uk
Mon Dec 3 12:39:11 CST 2007

On 3 Dec 2007, at 17:21, Florian Jensen wrote:
> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> FYI, the FOSDEM folks will have fewer developer rooms this year,
>> and our community is not on the "short list":

That's quite a shame; anything we can do to make them see the light?

>> http://fosdem.org/2008/schedule/devrooms

Most of those seem pretty deserving.

>> (1) no devroom at FOSDEM, only a booth

Seems a shame; the room was pretty popular last year at times.

>> (2) host our own devroom but
>> not at the FOSDEM location

Well, that's pretty exclusive, but it works for me.

>> (3) ?

I like this one best.

>> I would prefer to move forward with plans to meet that weekend. If
>> it means we need to meet somewhere else, so be it.

As long as it's convenient in Brussels, fine by me :)

>> Perhaps we could
>> have meetings on Sunday and Monday, leaving Saturday to soak up the
>> atmosphere at FOSDEM.

That works well for me, I was about to suggest it .

> I like the idea (2). Just one thing, Monday is quite bad, as probably
> people have to work etc. Why not make it Saturday evening.... a small
> drink ... and then Sunday the meeting?

My tickets are already booked, and it's work that's paying for me to  
fly out, so changing it from Monday would be most disadvantageous ;)


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