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XSF Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes, 2007-12-18

In attendance:

Alexander Gnauck (Board Member)
Mickael Remond (Board Member)
Peter Saint-Andre (Executive Director)

Scribe: Peter Saint-Andre

0. Roll Call

All Board members except Jack Moffitt in attendance, quorum achieved.
Jack joined after the meeting but his feedback is incorporated in the

1. Logo

We have the files, now we need to use them. We will seek out volunteers
to help make a few images based on these files, such as images for the
website and compliance program. Jack knows some people who might be able
to help.

2. Interop

Peter will reach out to various server vendors to convince them to
participate. The Openfire server will be back on the network soon, we
just need to generate a new certificate for it via xmpp.net.

3. FOSDEM / XMPP Summit

Alex will contact the Atlas Hotel about meeting there again this year.
Peter and Board members to recruit participants.

4. IPR Policy

Some discussion on the members@ list. We will complete those discussions
and then the Board will vote on whether to approve the changes.

5. Sponsors

Discussion about how to make the sponsors more prominent on the website.
To-do early in 2008. Peter will work on a mock-up.

6. Deployment Forum

Further discussed creation of a deployment forum that would discuss
topics like trusted federation and security challenges in the real world
(i.e., not a protocol discussion forum). Mickael will talk with some
Process-One customers to gauge interest.

7. Finances

Peter and Christina to provide a report soon after the end of the
calendar year.

8. Next Meeting

January 8, 2008.


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