[Members] XSF as a mentor in Summer of Code 2007?

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Mon Feb 19 11:00:57 CST 2007


Igniterealtime (Wildfire, Spark, Smack, etc) will definitely be applying
as a mentoring organization. However, if the XSF decides to act as an
umbrella org instead as in years past, that's fine too.


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> Hi,
> If I remember well, someone suggested (while discussing 
> JSF->XSF change) that XSF should not participate in Google 
> SoC as a mentor (we don't develop software, do we?). I think 
> we should discuss this ASAP, because submission deadline is 
> 12th March. And if we decide not to apply, we should announce 
> this earlier, so interested XMPP-related project have time to 
> think and prepare their applications.
> Personally, I have to say that the way it was until now it a 
> bit strange, because projects mentored by XSF were really not 
> XSF projects (in a way that - for example - Firefox is 
> Mozilla's project). On the other hand, small projects, 
> especially new ones (creating something new, not just helping 
> existing ones) would have to be mentored directly by Google, 
> and maybe not so many of them would be accepted (because of 
> big competition, etc).
> --
> Maciek

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