[Members] Jabber-Village at the CCC-Camp?

Florian Holzhauer fh-jsf at fholzhauer.de
Fri Jan 26 16:23:51 CST 2007

Dear List,

two days ago announced the CCC officially a Camp in 2007. The camp is
an international Hacker-Get-Together, taking place every two years
either in Germany or in the Netherlands with about 1500 attendants
from all over the world.

The reason I am mentioning this to this list is because of the
possibility setting up a "Jabber-Village" there. "The Camp is divided
into small villages that provide structure and give the participant to
join a certain area of interest. A village might feature people doing
extra workshops following their own agenda in their own tent."

Basically think about a possibility for Developer Meetings, Jabber
Workshops, fun, camping and swimming in the summer, and being provided
with stuff like GBit Internet and other "Nerd-Stuff".

So, to make a long story short: What do you think about having a
Jabber/XSF-Village there? The location is quite good reachable from
all within europe (and the US, too ;)), and the most complicated task
would be organizing a big tent, and some couches. 

Groups like the Gimp-Developers, OpenBSD or similar Open-Source-Groups
are having such villages every time a camp takes place.

More information about the Camp:
* Video about the CCC-Camp 2003:

* The last two camps:

* --verbose for Camp 2007:

So, what do you guys think? Could this be fun?


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