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XSF Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes, 2008-02-12

In attendance:

Alexander Gnauck (Chair)
Jack Moffitt (Board Member)
Mickael Remond (Board Member)
Peter Saint-Andre (Executive Director)

Scribe: Peter Saint-Andre

0. Roll Call

All Board members in attendance, quorum achieved.

1. Annual Report

Peter has the annual report about 40% done. Positive feedback so far
from the Board. The work in progress is here:


The goal is to finish this before FOSDEM.

2. Sponsors

All Board members in favor of USSHC in-kind sponsorship at Platinum
Sponsor level, given the documentation provided by USSHC regarding the
costs of hosting for the XSF computing infrastructure. USSHC will issue
a press release, with text to be approved by the Board.

Jonathan Siegle and Peter are working on final quotes for the HP machine.

Agreement that we will send out the polite invoices after the annual
report is published.

3. Website / Logo

Awaiting corrected logo from Raja.

Alex and Peter to find a volunteer to help with XTHML/CSS modifications
if necessary.

4. Operator Group

Strong interest among large companies and service providers polled so
far for an invite-only operators group. Peter to continue reaching out
to large operators. Mickael to talk with Process-one customers. Peter to
work on confidentiality agreement and guidelines for acceptance (e.g.,
not for small personal servers etc.).


Peter still needs to publish an agenda.

6. ICA

Alex has checked the files into SVN, he and Peter will work on these
over the next week or two.

7. Interop / Compliance

No progress to report.

8. Next Meeting



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