[Members] Google Android dropping XMPP in favour of own propiertary protocol?

Adam Nemeth aadaam at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 10:45:07 CST 2008

Hi all,
Just read on Jabber Planet, namely Dave Cridland's blog:


The important - official! - part:

First, I understand, that there are separate organizations inside google.
Second, I understand that not all of the organizations, or all members of a
given organizations are devoted towards XMPP.
Third, as a [nearly graduated] engineer I understand the sacrament of
engineering decisions which are based on facts and the context of the actual
problem which is to be solved.


1) It's still obvious that it hurts XMPP's reputation, and the interests of
XMPP community in general.
2) It makes the Android platform LESS open: namely it binds the instant
messaging (and presence!) part, which I believe will be an important factor
of mobile communications in years to come ("Would you call me if you'd know
I'm away, at a meeting?"), and all applications built on the top of that
solution to one service provider: Google.

I know that Google is one of the largest supporters of XMPP (or only WAS?).
I understand that this decision was most probably based on technical
details, and no strategic ones. However, I still believe, that a solution
could be agreed, which would address the issues raised by the Android team,
which would be still compatible with other XMPP providers, perhaps emerging
as a new transport protocol besides HTTPBind.

Could anyone have a contact for the team, detailing their problems which let
to that decision?



Aadaam <aadaam at gmail.com>
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