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XSF Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes, 2008-01-22

In attendance:

Alexander Gnauck (Chair)
Jack Moffitt (Board Member)
Peter Saint-Andre (Executive Director)

Absent: Mickael Remond (Board Member)

Scribe: Peter Saint-Andre

0. Roll Call

2 of 3 Board members in attendance, quorum achieved.

1. Sponsors

Peter will work on the template for a "polite invoice" to request
sponsor renewals, including current sponsor level, cost to renew, and
bank / paypal information to pay.

Mickael and Peter will work on text for Process-One sponsor page.

We still need to make the sponsors more prominent on the homepage.
Waiting for website design ideas from Raja Sandhu (one design idea
already received from someone else).

Peter has contacted USSHC about the cost for data center services if
they did not host our servers for free, so that we can determine the
proper level for their in-kind sponsorship.

No recent news from HP about the server machine donation.

Agreement that the XSF needs to provide more frequent (quarterly?)
updates to members and sponsors, as well as an annual report. Alex and
Peter to work on this.


We need final numbers on attendees so we can reserve the hotel rooms.

Stickers / buttons for the booth -- Alex and Peter will do some research
on this.

T-shirts -- only for devcon participants and booth volunteers. Will
discuss on the devcon list.

3. IPR Policy

Alex and Jack +1. Mickael to vote on the Board list.

4. Finance Report

To be folded into annual report.

5. Interop / Compliance

Lower priority than FOSDEM / annual report / etc. but Peter and Alex
will work on streamlining the process, and Peter will follow up with Sun
and Jabber Inc. about adding their servers to the interop network.


Alex and Peter are working with Eddy Nigg at StartCom on customizing and
improving the certificate wizard pages (better instructions etc.). We
continue to issue certificates at a faster pace (~4 a day).

7. Deployment Forum

Slow progress. Recently discussed federation issues on JAdmin list. One
outcome is that Peter is writing a Proto-XEP on best practices for
interdomain federation. Some large xmpp services will set a goal of
accepting only encrypted s2s connections by the 10th anniversary of
Jeremie's original Jabber announcement (January 9, 2009). Need more
feedback about hot issues from xmpp software providers / customers.

8. Next Meeting

January 29.


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