[Members] XSF membership: what does it mean?

jehan jehan at zemarmot.net
Wed Nov 5 04:36:48 CST 2008


Dave Cridland writes: 

> As a Council member, then, I'll very happily find some work for  people to 
> do if they want - in fact, let's stick this on the Council  agenda for 
> this evening, and anyone who's offering to help with the  unglamorous, 
> boring grunt work of specification reviews is very  welcome to show up and 
> get given things to do. 
> Of course, if nobody shows up, I'll assume that Jehan is wrong, and  I'm 
> showing a rare streak of optimism, and revert to my usual cynical  self.

I am not sure to understand what you propose. Should we show up to the 
Council meeting? 

Anyway on a more general matter, I think the best way of doing is not simply 
"showing up" and say "hey today I am free". Because if you ask me something 
I hate to do or cannot do at all, then it is useless. But do the opposite: 
if ever someone has an idea, a problem, a query or so, just don't hesitate 
and come ask on the list, and trust us not completely but a little to give 
us responsibilities and share tasks to be done. And if someone feels that he 
could handle the task, then he propose to help. Said in 2 words: be lazy! 

Since yesterday, already 2 people told they had been ready to help for 
specific tasks and their proposition had apparently been thrown away: 
Jonathan Schleifer proposed to help to run the Jabber.org service; and I 
could have helped for the database encoding issue of the website. 


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