[Members] XSF membership: what does it mean?

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Fri Nov 7 11:57:59 CST 2008

> We could change that. We could ask XSF members to get more heavily
> involved in website development, running the jabber.org service, doing

My thoughts on the topic:

The great thing about the XSF is that there are no formal rules or
processes to become a member: all you have to do is *mean* something
to the XMPP community, be it by developing code, writing specs,
helping people out, or just joining the discussion on the mailing

However, I strongly feel you should do *something*. Whether you think
someone is actually doing something relevant is entirely personal, but
I never vote for people who apply because 'XMPP is cool' or because
they run an XMPP server on jabber.elbonia.com. And sometimes, I get
the feeling that many members take this too lightly, and just vote
'yes' on everybody to be done with it. If voting would be taken more
seriously, I think that the XSF membership would actually consist of
nothing but active people.


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