[Members] Promotion: FOSDEM

jehan jehan at zemarmot.net
Wed Nov 26 04:21:22 CST 2008

Will Sheward writes:
> Sensible (i.e. cheap) suggestions only please, I don't think we're going 
> to splash out on XSF branded private jets :-)

Aaargh! That was indeed my idea!!! :-D 

The best are stuffs people can wear or show like t-shirts, stickers (already 
said...), but maybe also the tissu images you can sew on clothes (sorry I 
don't know the name in English... indeed I don't even remember it in 

But the best of the best are plush toys! Whatever the project is, this is 
always what is prefered (look how the Firefox plush toys have been asked 
when it disappeared, but also for Tux and others which are such a 
success...). Unfortunately with XMPP, we have no representative animal and I 
don't know if a light plush toy would be as nice as a little penguin or 

Anyway that's a great news. Promotional objects are good ideas. 


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