[Members] XMPP Logo (was: Re: Promotion: FOSDEM)

Jonathan Schleifer js-xmpp-members at webkeks.org
Wed Nov 26 06:16:11 CST 2008

Am 26.11.2008 um 11:21 schrieb jehan:

> But the best of the best are plush toys! Whatever the project is,  
> this is always what is prefered (look how the Firefox plush toys  
> have been asked when it disappeared, but also for Tux and others  
> which are such a success...). Unfortunately with XMPP, we have no  
> representative animal and I don't know if a light plush toy would be  
> as nice as a little penguin or Firefox.

Which brings up the following topic: Should we have a new logo?

IMO, yes. Neither the Jabber Blub, nor the XMPP logo (what should that  
even be? It doesn't look like anything you can define) are compatible  
with the masses. IMO, we need something that can be made a plush toy  
of, that has something to do with XMPP (an animal which travels long  
distances maybe, so maybe some bird? Maybe a carrier pidgeon would  
suit, as it travels long distances to transport messages, like XMPP).  
Additionally, a mascot is far better memorizable and recognizable than  
some strange logo like we have for XMPP.


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