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Artur Hefczyc artur.hefczyc at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 06:26:19 CST 2008

>> I can recommend Tigase for xmpp.org.
>> We have quite decent PubSub and PEP support.
>> Although I don't expect much load at least at the beginning
>> on the xmpp.org both the Tigase server and our Pubsub
>> component are prepared and tested under very heavy
>> load.
>> I am offering my help and assistance with setting it up.
> Nothing against tegease, but I think it might be disadvantageful to  
> have
> two different server softwares running for the same project.

Why do you think so?

I guess jabber.org and xmpp.org are a separate services running
on a separate user database and separate machines.
If this is a case then they may run on a different software as well.

Artur Hefczyc

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