[Members] ToDo list

Dirk Meyer dmeyer at tzi.de
Wed Nov 26 08:46:48 CST 2008


Jonathan Siegle wrote:
> Ok understood. So we would have 1 stable server and one
> testing/experimental server. The goal would be to consider new
> features for the production server. I like this model. Actually, I
> like to go one step further. Testing and experimental are different as
> well. I don't think we need that yet.

That reminds me of something else. As a client-developer I have my own
ejabberd to play with. When developing a client you often behave
out-of-protocol and having a test server is the best way to code. But I
would also like to test the PEP modules of other servers, e.g. tegease.
But setting up a bunch of servers takes a lot of of time for someone who
does not know the servers. It would be nice to have a testsuite of
servers configured by people knowing what they do (e.g. the developers)
and let client developers test against it. They should be
state-of-the-art and do not need to be 100% stable to test the latest

If there are already test servers by the various server projects, a list
of them would be great. :)


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