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jehan jehan at zemarmot.net
Wed Nov 26 10:46:37 CST 2008


Artur Hefczyc writes:
> Well, guys. My impression is that you didn't even tried to find  anything.
> The first information on the Tigase website points to a few links.
> One of them is 'Tigase XMPP Testing Ground'. 
> Well maybe this is not obvious what it is. On the other hand it doesn't
> cost anything to ask development team about any testing installation. 
> I guess most people just assume there is 'nowhere to test them' ;-) 
> Anyway, everybody is welcomed to use the testing service
> to run ANY kind of XMPP tests except load tests. I am also open to
> any suggestions, I can put more stuff, XEPs there, whatever you wish. 
> For those who are really interested I can give even some more  permissions
> for the website itself, to install more modules or even shell access.
> Just ask! 
> Artur

I am sorry, I didn't want to offend anyone. I have searched. But most 
probably not well. For my own, where I have been to (if I remember) is 
section "Developers" (top blue menu) and "tests" (left menu). It is true I 
have not looked in detail into the full text in the page, and mostly took 
the habit to search through menus, I have to admit. 

And I did not ask the dev team, that's true too, but that's because I asked 
someone close to you, Florian from Flosoft. And he has providden me with a 
server, but it was not very recent, but he told soon a newer version would 
be available that he could give me access to. So I was just waiting for it. 

You know, that's not just to excuse my own faults, but sometimes what is 
obvious to someone is not to others. And we don't do always the best path to 
achieve a goal (at least I don't, though sometimes yes I hope :p). But that 
does not mean we just do nothing and that we are abandonning or assuming 
anything you think we are assuming... ;-) 


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