[Members] order of candidates

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Sep 2 16:55:13 CDT 2008

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> In past years, we have listed candidates for Board and Council in 
> alphabetical order. Because members have only a certain number of votes 
> (e.g., 5 votes for Council), this is unfair to people whose names start 
> with letters later in the alphabet. Therefore I propose that we 
> reverse-order candidates by the date when they joined the community, 
> measured by date of first post to the jdev or standards mailing list:
> http://logs.jabber.org/jdev@conference.jabber.org/2008-09-02.html#16:33:41
> This means that people who've been in the community longer would be 
> listed lower down in the candidate list, with yours truly always listed 
> last. That at least seems fairer than what we've done before.

So for instance, given the current crop of candidates for Council, the 
order would be:

Dave Cridland
Jack Moffitt
Remko Tronçon
Kevin Smith
Ralph Meijer
Peter Saint-Andre

Since members have only 5 votes and lots of people mindlessly vote yes 
on every item, they would run out of votes by the time they get to me. 
Result: I don't have to serve on the Council anymore. Yay! ;-)


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