[Members] memberbot is ready to accept your votes

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Sep 16 15:41:58 CDT 2008

Thanks to Mateusz Biliński (one of our GSoc students for 2008), 
memberbot now randomizes the order of candidates during voting. Mateusz 
has provided his rewritten code to me, and we are now running it on 
apollo.jabber.org. This means you can finally vote on the Board and 
Council candidates. So please send a message to memberbot at jabber.org via 
Jabber to begin the voting process. And please report any errors or bugs 
to me.

Because we have gotten a late start on the voting, I think we'll want to 
postpone the official meeting by one week, to September 29. However, 
Alexander Gnauck will confirm that when he returns from vacation.


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