[Members] new members

luca luca.tagliaferri at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 05:55:47 CST 2009

Peter Saint-Andre ha scritto:
> Perhaps our new members could introduce themselves? You get extra points
> for mentioning which work team you'd like to volunteer for (technical
> review, communications, infrastructure). :)
> Peter


My name is Luca Tagliaferri and live in Turin.

I'm a new member since 24th of November. I work for Bluendo (www.bluendo.com) 
and actually assigned to Lampiro development i.e., our XMPP client designed for mobile devices 
Together with it I have developed few XMPP components we are internally using
in Bluendo.
Many times I implemented XEPs both on the components side and on client one
(especially the ones pertaining to mobile optimizations, jingle , file transfers and pubsub).

I'm volunteering for technical review team [first]  and infrastructure [second].

The jabber IDs I mostly use are:

xmpp:yuppinturic at jabber.bluendo.com
xmpp:luca.tagliaferri at gmail.com

When logged in I can be found at jabber at conference.jabber.org and jdev at conference.jabber.org.

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