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Steffen Larsen zooldk at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 07:33:48 CST 2009


My name is Steffen Larsen. As presented on the wiki, I am working  
mainly on BOSH and Jingle. On the BOSH side I made my own stable  
connection manager to BOSH. I have also implemented, reviewed and  
commented on earlier versions of JINGLE (XEP-0166, XEP-0167, XEP-176).  
This was due to my master thesis. It was implemented as a plugin to  
Pidgin and was fully working.
On my work I have also introduced XMPP our current environment  
(middleware to tv and STBs). This means I am currently setting up a  
large scale XMPP setup. So i am both into the client and server side  
of XMPP.

I haven't seen the description of the different teams so I am making a  
qualified guess and choosing: technical review teams as first and  
infrastructure or communication as second.

PS: I am currently on vacation in US, so I am not checking email all  
the time.. but as often! as I can.

-Cheers from Boston! ;-)


On Dec 2, 2009, at 6:55 AM, luca wrote:

> Peter Saint-Andre ha scritto:
>> Perhaps our new members could introduce themselves? You get extra  
>> points
>> for mentioning which work team you'd like to volunteer for (technical
>> review, communications, infrastructure). :)
>> Peter
> Hello,
> My name is Luca Tagliaferri and live in Turin.
> I'm a new member since 24th of November. I work for Bluendo (www.bluendo.com 
> ) and actually assigned to Lampiro development i.e., our XMPP client  
> designed for mobile devices (lampiro.bluendo.com).
> Together with it I have developed few XMPP components we are  
> internally using
> in Bluendo.
> Many times I implemented XEPs both on the components side and on  
> client one
> (especially the ones pertaining to mobile optimizations, jingle ,  
> file transfers and pubsub).
> I'm volunteering for technical review team [first]  and  
> infrastructure [second].
> The jabber IDs I mostly use are:
> xmpp:yuppinturic at jabber.bluendo.com
> xmpp:luca.tagliaferri at gmail.com
> When logged in I can be found at jabber at conference.jabber.org and jdev at conference.jabber.org 
> .

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