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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
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Thank you all for the introductions. We have a talented crew here! I've
added the volunteers to the relevant discussion lists.

On 12/2/09 6:37 AM, Maissel, Joe wrote:
> My name is Joe Maissel and I'm a new member as of November 24th.  I live
> and work in New York.  I'm currently employed by Credit Suisse.  I'm the
> lead engineer for Credit Suisse's XMPP based IM system.
> While I'm best qualified for an infrastructure role, I would like to get
> involved with the technical review process. 
> --joe
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> Perhaps our new members could introduce themselves? You get extra points
> for mentioning which work team you'd like to volunteer for (technical
> review, communications, infrastructure). :)
> Peter
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