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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Feb 25 09:18:05 CST 2009

Jehan wrote:
> Hi all,


> as some people may know here, I am organizing an event in Paris, France for
> presenting XMPP. I have no official website for the events but there is a
> community portal on the jabber.org website. It is currently pretty empty.
> Do you think I could create a page for this French event organized by the
> community on the wiki, as well as a general page called maybe "Community
> events". So from the main Community portal, we could go to the "Community
> events" page which will list all XMPP related events (past and future) with
> links to specific pages if available.
> This would make this wiki more lively and useful, as well as serving as a
> centralized website for all future events...
> Thanks.

I think it is time to use wiki.xmpp.org for a few things:

1. Community-building, meetups, events, talks, speakers

2. Technical documentation *other* than protocol specifications, so
basically like http://xmpp.org/tech/ except more dynamic.

I don't love wiki technologies but I think they'd be OK for things like

The reason I don't want to use jabber.org for this is that we (not
necessarily XSF members but this is where you started the thread) need
to have a discussion about the jabber.org website. Personally I'd like
to make it focused on the jabber.org IM service, but opinions may differ.


Peter Saint-Andre

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