[Members] Summit 8/FOSDEM Hotel

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Mon Nov 2 02:16:39 CST 2009

> What city were you thinking of?

For example, cities like Leuven or Gent, which are only a 25-minute
train ride from Brussels. Those are quite nice cities (one smaller and
cosier than the other), where people can easily find non-tourist-trap
food, and walk around without getting lost, robbed, or hit by a car.
Leuven has the extra advantage of being closer to the airport than
brussels, although I guess most people at the summit are european and
don't care about that.

However, this does bring extra overhead: people would either have to
change hotels after FOSDEM, or go by train to/from Brussels. Plus, I
think the hotels are not near the train station (i would have to
check), so there would be an extra hop (bus/tram) if people would
commute. And the summit will also draw guests who just pop in and out
for the summit, and don't care about where they're staying, and just
want to easily get to the train/airport, in which case Brussels is

I'm not really sure it's a good idea; it's certainly not the easiest
idea. Just throwing it out there, in case people are too tired of
Brussels (I would be after staying there one night ;-))


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