[Members] proposed Infrastructure Team charter

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Nov 23 10:36:54 CST 2009

I sent this to the "iteam" list a while back and it seems to be
acceptable there, so I am sending it to the XSF members list for broader
discussion. If there are no objections to the charter, I would assume
that the Board will vote on formally approving this team before the end
of the year.



The mission of the Infrastructure Team is to maintain the hardware,
software, and services required to support the work of the XMPP
Standards Foundation (XSF).


The Team achieves its mission by maintaining hardware owned by the XSF,
deploying and in some cases writing software for use on those machines,
and deploying services for use by XSF members and those who use XMPP
technologies. The Team's responsibilities include but are not limited to
the following:

  * Monitor and maintain several physical server machines
  * Maintain the operating systems on those machines to ensure that they
are up-to-date and appropriately patched
  * Install and maintain a web server and associated software
  * Write, maintain, and deploy tools for publication of the XSF's
specification series and other information
  * Install and maintain an email server and mailing list software
  * Maintain a source control system to assist in transparent versioning
of XSF specifications and other information
  * Deploy an XMPP server, chatrooms, and bots for XSF use
  * Maintain Domain Name System records for domains controlled by the XSF
  * Obtain and deploy digital certificates if needed to secure XSF services
  * Maintain backups of critical XSF data


The Team is limited to elected members of the XSF, although it may allow
 non-members to participate in Team communication venues in an advisory
(non-voting) capacity if their input enables the Team to successfully
complete its tasks (e.g., representatives of service providers that host
machines owned by the XSF). Participants are recruited from among the
XSF membership by the Team Lead and approved by a simple majority of the
existing team members.


The Team shall be a standing team with no end date.



Peter Saint-Andre

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