[Members] proposed Communications Team charter

Alexey Melnikov alexey.melnikov at isode.com
Mon Nov 23 14:33:17 CST 2009

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

>And a third proposed work team charter...
>The mission of the Communication Team is to continuously improve the
>editorial quality of written, spoken, and visual materials produced by
>the XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF).
>The Team achieves its mission through several core activities, which
>include but are not limited to:
>  * Editorial reviews of specifications in the XSF's XEP series
>  * Production of white papers, developer guides, HOWTOS, glossaries,
>slide presentations, tutorials, and other information for use by those
>who develop, deploy, and use XMPP technologies
>  * Timely publication of informal reports about XMPP, such as postings
>at the XSF's weblog and interviews with XMPP developers
>The Team is limited to elected members of the XSF. Participants are
>recruited from among the XSF membership by the Team Lead and approved by
>a simple majority of the existing team members.
This looks good. How is the Team Lead selected for this role?

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