[Members] minutes of XSF Annual Meeting, 2009-10-06

Kevin Smith kevin at kismith.co.uk
Wed Oct 7 04:48:34 CDT 2009

I think you may (from your reply) have felt that this was in some way
an attack, or anti-you - I'm sorry if that was the case, as I'm
certainly not setting out to make this personal (indeed, see my
previous mail to the thread in which I say that the next step is to
have a membership vote that should see you appointed to Board). I'm
also sorry if I'm over-reading into your reply and you don't feel this

>>> Wow, what a thread! ;-)
>> It was quite the meeting.
> It is a thread your are replying to.

Sorry if you felt this was a contradiction of what you said - it was
an agreement (in colloquialism, which may not have helped) saying that
the meeting that caused "Wow, what a thread!" was also "Wow, what a

>>> It was a Board decision to make, not a members decision
>> No, voting in Board is certainly a member decision.
> No, members have voted, period.
> The decision on the tie should a Board decision.

This wasn't what the combined quorum of the membership present at the
meeting concluded that the Bylaws say. The meeting logs do show long
discussions about what was Board and what was Membership's
responsibilities, together with the relevant bits of the Bylaws to
ensure we were acting constitutionally. No-one thinks that the
situation was ideal, and there was agreement that we need to make sure
the Bylaws are updated so this doesn't happen again (and the way that
happens, in our Bylaws, is that the Board will propose changes, and
the Membership must vote on those changes). This has never been
personal against you as the candidate with the fourth most votes
(again see the other posts in this thread saying that it's expected
that you'll end up on Board, and find that you weren't mentioned by
name in the votes during the meeting).


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