[Members] Metaproposals 3 and 4 - Council Candidate Limitations and Appointment Appeals

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Oct 8 12:40:51 CDT 2009

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On 10/8/09 11:17 AM, Jack Moffitt wrote:
>> 3) Remove the limitation for Council candidates (and members) to be Members.
>> We have some highly active participants who are not members. There's also a
>> fair number of people who'd make excellent Council members from the IETF,
>> who might not even have heard of the XSF. (Which is in itself a problem,
>> mind).
> I don't have any objections to this, and this is already the case for
> the board. In fact, I have served on the board while not being a
> member myself in the past.
> I do not know whether board candidates regularly take advantage of
> this or not, but I do agree that our membership is smart enough to
> choose wisely.

I'd rather limit both Board and Council to XSF members and do a better
job of recruiting XSF members.

>> 4) Include an appeal process for Board appointments.
>> Certain decisions, including Board decisions such as Section 6.2 appointment
>> of officers, Section 4.7 appointment of directors, etc, can be currently
>> carried out without recourse to the membership. I think this is fine, but
>> appointments in particular could prove contentious, and allow for a Board to
>> potentially become somewhat insular and self-serving. I hasten to add that I
>> do not consider this to be the case with this Board, which is precisely why
>> I thought we should get that in place.
>> I propose that these should be, post-facto, announced to the membership, and
>> if any member objects, there is a period of X days (of, in practise,
>> discussion on the mailing list) for them to collect Y further objections,
>> which will therefore cause the decision to be remanded to the membership.
> I'm +1 on this probably, although I think the risk is already limited
> to a year period anyway.

I agree that an appeals process is a good idea.


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