[Members] XMPP at xmpp.org

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Fri Oct 9 02:15:17 CDT 2009

> 1. Give each XSF member an @xmpp.org JID.
> 2. Host chatrooms for the Board, Council, general membership, and
> specific work teams.
> 3. Integrate pubsub into our processes (new XEP announcements, bug
> reporting, etc.).

+1 on 2,3. Not sure about 1:
- What extra value would an xmpp.org JID bring?
- Membership is limited to a year. Would you use your JID anywhere
publicly, knowing that you might lose it in the future? (and that
someone else might take it over?). Or is it a life long JID? How about
the overhead for the infrastructure team to quarterly manage the JIDs
(e.g. ask what JIDs new members prefer, check what JIDs need to be
removed, ...)
- Do we reuse JIDs (e.g. if John resigns, and another John joins, can
he still have john at xmpp.org)?
- Do you ever use free e-mail addresses you get from other places? :-)


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