[Members] Minutes of the 1st Meeting of the 9th Council (2009-10-14)

Nathan Fritz nathanfritz at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 00:17:05 CDT 2009

First meeting of the 9th XSF Council, Kevin Smith presiding.
Meeting logs can be found at
Meeting minutes can also be found at

1. Roll call.

All council is present. (David Cridland, Ralph Meijer, Kevin Smith,
Remko Tronçon, Matthew Wild)

Quorum achieved.

2. Elect a new chair.

Kevin offers to chair the next council and requests everyone
specifically say whether they want to run for the position. Everyone
declines individually.
Kevin Smith and David Cridland abstain from voting.
The other 3 vote for Kevin Smith.
Kevin Smith is the chairman of the 9th Council by majority vote.

3. Agenda bashing.


4. Meeting frequency.

A general consensus is reached for continuing the tradition of weekly meetings.
Ralph Meijer suggests a half hour question and answer session "now and then."

5. Meeting times.

After much discussion of availability, Mondays at 19:00-19:30 British
Time (UTC+1 currently, soon to be UTC) is settled upon.

6. Agenda formats.

A general consensus is reached on agendas that can be viewed in a web
browser, with list email agendas the format for now.
The possibility of publishing agendas via XMPP Pubsub is suggested.

7. Having protoXEP authors present for votes.

Alexey Melnikov suggests from the floor that this is a good idea.
It is generally agreed upon that this is a good idea by council members.

8. Having XEP authors request last calls (AOB, poking the chair etc).

The council generally decides that the council's role is to issue Last
Calls and that "interested parties" should attend a council meeting or
"poke" a chairman to get a Last Call issued.

9. Radar and responsibilities.

The chairman is responsible for forming the agenda, and the councilmen
are responsible for making sure things that they think belong on the
agenda are brought to the chairman's attention.

10. http://xmpp.org/xsf/roadmap.shtml

Deferred due to lack of time, although David Cridland suggests that
the first two items on the decidedly out-of-date roadmap are the
responsibility of the new IETF working group.

11. http://xmpp.org/xsf/people/

Please get your bio updated/added.

12. Date/time of next meeting.

Monday 19:00 British Time.

13. Any other business.

A general consensus is reached that at the beginning of each meeting,
a volunteer should be found to write the meeting minutes. I, Nathan
Fritz, volunteer.

Kevin Smith bangs the gavel.

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