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Subject: [Board] chat log + meeting minutes
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 12:57:06 -0600
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Here is information from today's Board meeting.




Minutes, XSF Board meeting

xsf at muc.xmpp.org

- Will
- Nÿco
- Peter
- Jack (missing, presumed busy)
- Flo (missing, presumed drunk)

- Sponsors
- Roadmap update
- New Website
- GSoC
- Blog
- Mini Summits? (London?)


- Sponsors
ISOC, NLNet, Cisco?
Need to set priorities first (see below)
Florian has several leads as well
Someone should ask the &yet company (where Fritzy works)
  (they "sponsored" the last summit really)

- Roadmap update
Need to discuss with everyone (Board, Council, members, community)
Set broader technical priorities
These can be presented to sponsors, too

- New Website
Documentation being written by Will
Will will ask Kev to push the button
Ask for community / member review
Use tracker.xmpp.org to followup
CommTeam needs to take responsibilities for specific pages
Will to draft message to CommTeam about responsibilities

- GSoC
Blog post to be written by bear
Desirable to get implementation feedback regarding specs
Too few students remain active within the community afterwards

- Blog
stage.xmpp.org to be the main page of the blog

- Mini Summits? (London?)
 - bear will plan one for Philadelphia in October

Action items:
- Organize a meeting with everyone to set priorities and update roadmap (?)
- Put new website on production (Will/Kev)
- Alex/Peter to discuss timing for Board and Council elections

Next meeting:
2010-09-07, same place, same time



[12:46:32]  *** stpeter has joined the room
[12:46:39] *** Nicolas has joined the room
[12:48:43] *** will.sheward has joined the room
[12:53:34] *** Nicolas shows as "away" and his status message is "
(Absent(e) car inactif depuis plus de 5 min)"
[12:59:34] *** Nicolas shows as "online"
[12:59:41] <Nicolas> hi
[12:59:47] <will.sheward> evening
[13:00:16] <stpeter> greetings
[13:01:44] <stpeter> no sign of Florian
[13:01:49] <stpeter> Jack is "away"
[13:02:16] <will.sheward> lets give them a few minutes
[13:02:25] <stpeter> sure
[13:02:51] <will.sheward> so, how are things peter, not heard from you
in a while?
[13:03:32] <stpeter> busy as always
[13:03:57] <Nicolas> everybody seems busy
[13:04:08] <stpeter> this IESG gig is a lot of work
[13:04:09] <will.sheward> yes, this is good i think?
[13:04:11] <Nicolas> btw, do you see like me a slow in the xsf's activity?
[13:04:26] <will.sheward> nyco: oh yes
[13:04:30] <Tobias> Nicolas: yeah
[13:04:43] <Nicolas> what does it mean? can we do something about it?
[13:04:49] <will.sheward> iesg: i know, we barely see alexey these days
[13:05:38] <will.sheward> well, we are - we're having a meeting ;-)
[13:06:01] <will.sheward> this slowness is partly down to us. we've not
been the most active board have we?
[13:06:13] <will.sheward> busy busy busy - taking up most of our time
with work
[13:06:38] <Nicolas> yes, absolutely, in the absolute, we have not been
very active
[13:06:50] <will.sheward> which is a shame - but unavoidable i think
[13:07:01] <Nicolas> why not?
[13:07:24] <will.sheward> well, i guess we've not been active because
we're all very busy elsewhere?
[13:07:57] <Nicolas> true for me
[13:09:59] <Nicolas> but more generally?
[13:10:10] <stpeter> sorry, got a phone call
[13:10:13] <Nicolas> too few new members at the last membership election
[13:10:19] <Nicolas> np
[13:10:21] <will.sheward> agreed
[13:10:32] <will.sheward> too little publicity to attract new applicants
[13:10:59] <will.sheward> again, this is our responsibility in part
[13:11:36] <will.sheward> i think we got off to a good start but "life"
got in the way
[13:11:56] <will.sheward> I dont think the others are coming?
[13:12:04] <will.sheward> should we/can we start?
[13:12:47] <Nicolas> 2/4, with peter
[13:12:53] <Nicolas> should we?
[13:13:07] <Nicolas> see, even the board seems not very concerned
[13:13:11] <will.sheward> :-(
[13:13:17] <Nicolas> same feeling for me
[13:13:29] <stpeter> almost done with my call
[13:13:33] <will.sheward> Lets start, if were wrong we can pretend this
is a comm team meeting
[13:13:37] <Nicolas> np stpeter
[13:13:48] <Nicolas> ;-)
[13:13:49] <Nicolas> ok
[13:13:49] <will.sheward> wait for peter then
[13:14:01] <Nicolas> http://typewith.me/wMQa8S0yEJ
[13:14:06] <will.sheward> i'm there
[13:14:42] <stpeter> I can call Jack
[13:14:47] <Nicolas> who are you, unnamed?
[13:14:47] <stpeter> I'm done with the phone
[13:14:52] <Nicolas> ok, thx
[13:15:31] <Tobias> Nicolas: prob. me#
[13:15:51] <will.sheward> the masked user?
[13:15:55] <will.sheward> Zorro?
[13:16:34] <stpeter> ok
[13:16:38] <stpeter> I called Jack but no answer
[13:16:41] <Nicolas> ok
[13:16:44] <Nicolas> nevermind
[13:16:46] <will.sheward> then lets start
[13:16:52] <Nicolas> do you have Flo's phone number?
[13:16:53] <stpeter> I texted him
[13:16:55] <Nicolas> I can SMS him
[13:16:57] <Nicolas> ok
[13:17:03] <Nicolas> SPONSORS
[13:17:06] <will.sheward> i think we've all texted him
[13:17:09] <stpeter> yep, starting
[13:17:37] <stpeter> so
[13:17:47] <will.sheward> sponsors: peter, did you get any further with
your conversation?
[13:17:49] <stpeter> our current list of sponsors is outdated
[13:17:54] <will.sheward> very outdated
[13:17:56] <stpeter> very outdated
[13:17:59] <stpeter> heh
[13:18:00] <Nicolas> http://stage.xmpp.org/?page_id=258 ?
[13:18:03] <will.sheward> great minds...
[13:18:05] <stpeter> so we might wan to clear it out
[13:18:09] <stpeter> +t
[13:18:28] <stpeter> I recently contacted ISOC, which supports IETF and
recently also W3C
[13:18:32] <will.sheward> we can leave a couple in (secure hosting?)
[13:18:38] <stpeter> and they use XMPP :)
[13:18:44] <stpeter> they are a likely candidate
[13:18:51] <stpeter> I also need to hit up Cisco :)
[13:18:51] <Tobias> w3c uses XMPP?
[13:19:26] <stpeter> but I think the Cisco folks would like to support a
particular project / initiative that we propose (e2e encryption or whatever)
[13:19:56] <will.sheward> re cisco: we can pass that onto wider
membership/council to see if a project is something they want
[13:20:22] <stpeter> yes
[13:20:31] <will.sheward> would be best if a project was technically
aligned with council work/direction
[13:20:47] <will.sheward> wasnt florian contacting some people? guess we
should mail him to find out
[13:20:58] <stpeter> at the IETF meeting in Maastricht I also met one of
the guys from NLNet
[13:21:15] <stpeter> they are interested in XMPP stuff too (Jingle Nodes
[13:21:39] <stpeter> again they'd probably be interested in supporting a
particular initiative
[13:21:51] <Tobias> stpeter: they also had DNSSEC fund which might be
interesting for some XMPP server projects too http://nlnet.nl/dnssec/
[13:21:56] <stpeter> Tobias: yes
[13:22:34] <stpeter> see
[13:22:46] <stpeter> so I think we need to have more discussion among
the community about priorities
[13:22:57] <stpeter> http://xmpp.org/xsf/roadmap.shtml is outdated, too
[13:23:03] <Nicolas> I've tried to inventory all the social networks
using XMPP: maybe these are good candidates as sponsors?
[13:23:03] <stpeter> we'll be done with the RFC revisions soon
[13:23:36] <stpeter> perhaps we need a broader conversation about
priorities and things that we think are important to work on as a community
[13:23:49] <Nicolas> board + coucil + members ?
[13:23:54] <will.sheward> everyone
[13:23:57] <will.sheward> i thin
[13:23:59] <will.sheward> k
[13:23:59] <stpeter> and that will help us ask sponsors if they want to
help with those efforts
[13:24:02] <Nicolas> s/coucil/council/
[13:24:48] <will.sheward> should i just put a holding page here: v ?
[13:24:53] <will.sheward> http://stage.xmpp.org/?page_id=987
[13:25:50] <stpeter> yes
[13:25:55] <will.sheward> noted.
[13:26:09] <stpeter> and we need to move stage to real :)
[13:26:18] <will.sheward> yes, please
[13:26:36] <Nicolas> yep
[13:26:39] <Nicolas> what do you need?
[13:26:45] <will.sheward> i'm currently writing up the documentation on
the site (explaining structure etc)
[13:26:52] <stpeter> I thought that Kev had what he needed for the switch
[13:26:52] <will.sheward> i think we're ready to go
[13:26:59] <will.sheward> kev has the info
[13:27:05] <stpeter> ok
[13:27:14] <will.sheward> i'll aks him to push the button tomorrow
[13:27:21] <Nicolas> ok, cool!
[13:27:22] <stpeter> ok
[13:27:34] <will.sheward> then i can spend a few hours of panic chasing
down errors
[13:27:34] <stpeter> if he needs my assistance, we can do this early
next week
[13:27:35] <Nicolas> and let's call for a review by our members?
[13:27:43] <Nicolas> the can report stuff on the tracker?
[13:27:44] <stpeter> Nicolas: yes, once we launch
[13:27:45] <stpeter> yeah
[13:27:46] <stpeter> +1
[13:27:56] *** bear shows as "online"
[13:28:10] <will.sheward> nyco: yes. We also need to get comm team
members involved and "taking responsibility" for maintaining specific pages
[13:28:23] <Nicolas> ok
[13:28:44] <will.sheward> i'll draft a message for commteam
[13:28:52] <Nicolas> cool, thx
[13:28:53] <stpeter> thanks
[13:29:10] <will.sheward> so - what do i do about the sponsors page?
[13:29:16] <Nicolas> (please review my notes on typewithme)
[13:29:20] <will.sheward> put up a blank page - admit we have no sponsors?
[13:30:03] <stpeter> one more note about sponsors -- Florian said he had
some leads, too -- but I do think that more clearly defining our roadmap
will help
[13:30:35] <stpeter> roadmap and specific initiatives + activities
[13:30:47] <will.sheward> yes - i think sponsors will be more likely to
get involved with specific direction
[13:31:19] <Nicolas> sponsorship from Microsoft, AOL, Skype, etc. ?
[13:31:29] <will.sheward> hehe
[13:32:03] <stpeter> ok, what other topics do we have on our agenda?
[13:32:09] <will.sheward> gsoc
[13:32:13] <Nicolas> well, MS is doing a Facebook-chat-aware client
inside MSn
[13:32:23] <stpeter> interesting
[13:32:52] <stpeter> I had some conversations recently with some guys
who work on the XMPP gateway from Microsoft OCS
[13:33:10] <will.sheward> yes
[13:33:34] <Nicolas> MS as a sponsor, it's not a joke! ;-)
[13:33:41] <Nicolas> so GSoC
[13:33:41] <stpeter> haha
[13:33:44] <stpeter> yes
[13:33:58] <stpeter> I think bear and Kev can tell us the most about GSoc
[13:34:01] <Nicolas> where are we? a blogpost needs to be written?
[13:34:16] <bear> I am working on a "ok, all done" blog post
[13:34:22] <Nicolas> ah cool
[13:34:25] <stpeter> ah
[13:34:30] <bear> I need to poke 2 of the students to finish their final
[13:34:31] <stpeter> bear: disregard PM :)
[13:34:37] <bear> :)
[13:34:38] <will.sheward> reminds me - need to talk about blog
[13:34:46] <Nicolas> yes?
[13:35:03] <bear> so yes, final report will be blogged in probably about
a day
[13:35:11] <will.sheward> is the blog still blog.xmpp.org
<http://blog.xmpp.org>; - or is it now the main page of stage.xmpp.org
[13:35:16] <will.sheward> or both?
[13:35:21] <stpeter> I'm also hoping that we will get more
implementation feedback from the students regarding the specs they
implemented -- we might want to make that a condition of participation /
part of the final report in future years :)
[13:35:29] <bear> the gsoc was uneventful for 3 of the 4 and even the
4th was normal, he just didn't plan properly
[13:35:32] <stpeter> will.sheward: it should be the main page
[13:35:36] <Nicolas> will.sheward, afaiac, I don't care
[13:35:47] <stpeter> and then we deprecate the blog
[13:35:54] <bear> two of the students are probably going to be very
involved but I think the other 2 will not
[13:35:54] <stpeter> I mean, deprecate blog.xmpp.org
[13:35:57] <will.sheward> ok - will add this to list of things to talk
to kev about
[13:36:03] <stpeter> bear: sounds about right
[13:36:13] <Tobias> stpeter: i'll post some feedback the next time; i've
already marked a couple thinks in my printed 198 version, just need to
find it
[13:36:23] <Nicolas> stpeter, deprecate yes, but by keepign the link
alive for redirection
[13:36:25] <stpeter> bear: of all the students we've had over the years,
few have really stayed involved -- Tobias is a big exception
[13:36:27] <Tobias> s/next time/during the next days
[13:36:29] <stpeter> Nicolas: yes
[13:37:00] <Tobias> stpeter: however i've been already involved before
my first GSoC if i remember correctly
[13:37:08] <bear> :)
[13:37:22] <stpeter> yes, true
[13:37:42] <bear> I won't be able to attend the gsoc event coming up -
do we want to send someone else?
[13:37:59] <stpeter> I've never attended one of those
[13:38:07] <stpeter> I've heard they are fun, but I've never had time
[13:38:08] <bear> then let's not break the pattern
[13:38:11] <will.sheward> bear: i've upgraded you to 'author' on
stage.xmpp - for the gsoc post
[13:38:11] <stpeter> heh
[13:38:12] <stpeter> yeah
[13:38:22] <bear> cool
[13:38:25] <bear> thanks will
[13:39:41] <Nicolas> anything else about gsoc?
[13:39:51] <stpeter> not that I can see
[13:40:00] <bear> nothing eventful if you mean
[13:40:02] <stpeter> at some point they'll send us some money, I suppose
[13:40:09] <will.sheward> money money money
[13:40:12] <Nicolas> last item: mini summits
[13:40:13] <will.sheward> like
[13:40:18] <Nicolas> ;-)
[13:40:32] <bear> yea, was going to ask you about that - if any money
had been received yet
[13:40:42] <will.sheward> ok - who suggested mini-summits?
[13:40:43] <stpeter> usually it's delayed a while
[13:40:49] <Nicolas> I don't know
[13:40:49] <bear> k
[13:41:11] <stpeter> bear: I'm sure there will be a post about it to the
org / mentor list at some point
[13:41:18] <bear> k
[13:41:30] <will.sheward> yeah bear: just don't run off with the money :-)
[13:41:34] <stpeter> probably Florian added the item about mini-summits,
given that London is mentioned
[13:41:38] <bear> mini summits - like east coast, west coast, different
EU spots?
[13:41:40] <Nicolas> so we're touching the end of the meeting? please
review the notes, and report action items
[13:41:57] <bear> will - don't look at me - it's being mailed to psa's
desk IIRC ;)
[13:42:11] <stpeter> yes, they'll send it to my work address, I think
[13:42:26] <stpeter> I'm all in favor of formal and informal meetings
[13:42:34] <will.sheward> ah ha - peter's extravagant lifestyle explained
[13:42:40] *bear laughs
[13:42:44] <Nicolas> ;-)
[13:42:57] <will.sheward> informal local meetings are good - seem to
have been a lull in them recently?
[13:42:58] <stpeter> yes indeed :)
[13:43:12] <stpeter> lots of lulls recently
[13:43:24] <will.sheward> yeah :-(
[13:43:26] <bear> it's been that kind of year - everything has slowed down
[13:43:26] <Nicolas> please review, fix, enhance, beautify
[13:43:28] <will.sheward> bad us
[13:44:03] <will.sheward> ok
[13:44:39] *stpeter laughs at http://typewith.me/wMQa8S0yEJ regarding
[13:44:55] <bear> yea, he probably his given he is on holiday
[13:45:12] <Nicolas> next meeting: tuesday, 7th of September?
[13:45:13] <stpeter> bear: indeed
[13:45:24] <stpeter> Nicolas: that works for me
[13:45:32] <will.sheward> works for me
[13:45:41] <bear> i'm planning with a local philly person a xmpp meetup
for october
[13:45:42] <stpeter> another item is that Alex and I need to talk about
timing for Board and Council elections
[13:45:44] <will.sheward> same bat time, same bat place?
[13:45:53] <bear> we can make that intoa mini-summit if that is ok
[13:46:01] <stpeter> bear: sure!
[13:46:30] <Nicolas> ok then
[13:46:32] <Nicolas> I need to go
[13:46:35] <Nicolas> thx everybody
[13:46:36] <stpeter> ok
[13:46:37] <will.sheward> ok
[13:46:39] *stpeter updates http://typewith.me/wMQa8S0yEJ
[13:46:40] <Nicolas> bye
[13:46:43] <will.sheward> bye
[13:46:45] <bear> later
[13:49:41] <bear> I placed a note about a sponsor possible in the doc -
feel free to remove my parenthetical comment after reading it
[13:49:58] <will.sheward> ah - that's you
[13:50:52] *bear stops hacking the minutes page :)
[13:51:25] *** bear shows as "away" and his status message is "Away"
[13:51:32] <will.sheward> ok - i'm done for tonight. i have a few tasks
from this so i'll get on with those tomorrow.
[13:51:37] <stpeter> ok
[13:51:43] *** Nicolas shows as "away" and his status message is "
(Absent(e) car inactif depuis plus de 5 min)"
[13:51:46] <will.sheward> 'see' you all later
[13:51:53] *bear also flees
[13:52:06] <stpeter> ok
[13:52:22] <stpeter> so I can send the chatroom log and the minutes text
to the board list
[13:52:49] <will.sheward> stper: i've just added an action item for you
[13:52:55] <stpeter> ok
[13:53:09] <stpeter> yep
[13:53:30] <stpeter> I'll ping Alex about that but won't take action
until Monday, since I'm supposed to be on vacation this week :)
[13:53:47] <will.sheward> staycayion or going away?
[13:53:52] <will.sheward> staycation
[13:54:12] <stpeter> going away tomorrow for a few days
[13:54:16] <stpeter> but mostly staycation
[13:54:25] <will.sheward> well, hope you have fun. bye for now
[13:54:53] *** will.sheward has left the room


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