[Members] New website, new sponsors?

Will Sheward will at willsheward.co.uk
Thu Aug 26 07:34:46 CDT 2010

  We'll shortly be moving over to the new design and structure for 
xmpp.org (as at stage.xmpp.org). There are bound to be a few teething 
problems as we move over so please bear with us and let me know when you 
spot problems. We hope to be declaring the names of the maintainers for 
specific sections of the site soon.

The new site gives a certain amount of prominence to the XSF's sponsors 
and we hope to use the site as part of our 'pitch' to attract new 
sponsors of the XSF (our current list is completely out of date).

The page currently at http://stage.xmpp.org/?page_id=285 outlines 
sponsorship benefits and costs so if you work for, or know of, an 
organisation that might be interested in helping the XSF further its 
work then please let them know that these opportunities exist.

Note that we are quite happy to consider 'in kind' donations.



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